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Improving the imaging capability of medical grade panel PC. Wincomm WMP-248/249 adding new function - DICOM
As a leader in providing medical grade panel PCs to the healthcare industry, Wincomm is continuing to push the limits in creating the most effective and user-friendly solutions available. With this in mind, we are proud to announce that the WMP-24 inch series for medical imaging has added a new customizable function- DICOM ..

提升醫療電腦影像多元性 Wincomm WMP-248/249 新增 DICOM功能
在醫療領域提供醫療級電腦的領導者Wincomm,持續推動與創造最有效的解決方案。秉持這一點,我們很自豪地宣布,WMP-24吋系列針對醫療顯示部分,客製化增加新的功能 - DICOM。..

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