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Wincomm is proud to announce a new Core i CPU product – WTP-9A66 Stainless Panel PC Series
Wincomm has launched a new product, the WTP-9A66-15/19 series. The WTP-9A66 highlights are High strength stainless housing, IP66 full sealed enclosure and specially installed M12 metal with IP68 connectors. With a full IP66 classification, it is completely resistant to dust and water. ..

Wincomm推出Core i CPU整機防水高硬度不鏽鋼全平面觸控電腦 WTP-9A66 Series
Wincomm 發表新產品WTP-9A66-15/19系列,其亮點特色在於高硬度的不鏽鋼機身與IP66等級的全密封外殼,特別是搭配M12 IP68金屬接頭,提升整體防水防塵的完整性。..
Core-i CPU搭載のフルフラット完全防水パネルPC『WTP-9A66シリーズ』をリリース

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