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Wincomm's Stainless Steel Fanless touch panel PC series for the Food Industry has won the Best Choice Golden Award 2015
Wincomm has developed the WTP-9A66-19, an industry first, equipped with a high-powered Intel Core i5/i7 CPU. It features high strength stainless housing, IP66 full sealed enclosure, and stable CPU operation via exclusive cooling technology. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing will not be damaged when strong jets of water or acid / alkaline are used on it. The M12 metal with IP68 connectors makes the unit completely resistant to dust and water. ..

Wincomm推出食品等級不鏽鋼無風扇觸控電腦 獲得Best Choice Award 2015產品金獎
Wincomm 發表新產品WTP-9A66-19,業界首創搭載最新高效能Intel Core i CPU,其特色在於高硬度的不鏽鋼機身與IP66等級的全密封外殼下,還能透過獨家散熱技術來維持CPU運轉的穩定性。防鏽蝕的不鏽鋼材質,遇到強力水柱或是強酸強鹼,都不會造成損害。另外特別搭配M12 IP68金屬接頭,提升整體防水防塵的完整性。..

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