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Wincomm announces Stainless Full IP67/Full IP69K waterproof rated touch Panel PC
With the rapid development of automated control systems, the waterproofing rating requirements for computers is becoming more strict and diversified. Wincomm introduces the full IP stainless 100% waterproof guaranteed Panel PC ~ WTP Series, with advanced waterproof technology. In addition to its Full IP66 protection from high water pressure washing, the IP69K can withstand high temperature steam while the IP67 waterproof rating enables it to withstand being submerged in 1 meter deep water for up to 30 minutes. ..

Wincomm 發表全系列不鏽鋼Full IP67 / Full IP69K 防水等級觸控電腦
隨著自動化控制系統日新月異,電腦的防水需求越來越嚴苛與多樣化,針對防水,Wincomm 推出全系列不鏽鋼100%防水觸控電腦,不只是耐高壓水柱沖洗的Full IP66,Wincomm防水技術再創新,完成沉水一米深達30分鐘的IP67規格以及可承受強壓水柱與高溫蒸氣的IP69K。與市面一般IP67產品不同之處在於Wincomm的產品,可以同時達到IP69K與IP67,也就是除了可以抗高壓水柱與高溫蒸氣外還可以沉入水中30分鐘。..

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