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Applications & Solutions
Smart Healthcare
Enabling intelligent healthcare with Wincomm advance medical technology from heavy imaging system to mobile device. Featuring on healthcare needs, Wincomm product designed with defaulted Anti-MRSA housing, full series in white color and user friendly design to fulfill medical professionals behaviors, and easy to integrate with smart healthcare system with fully design by our own. ..
Smart City
Toward smart city, there are coming to enable intelligent city service from smart kiosk, smart retail, smart home, smart transportation and so on. Wincomm provides unique design value to support our worldwide partners to enable various intelligent city service system development, from industrial computing device enablers. ..
Smart Factory
Wincomm designed industrial computing devices to enable smart factory solution together with our partners on improving the production efficiency and warehouse management accuracy. For factory automation control terminals, Wincomm offers industrial computing solutions with robust IP66 design, wide temperature, and flexible add-on card expansion. ..
Smart Transportation
Wincomm developed various transportation solutions focusing on railway, vehicle, and marine applications, which is innovated together with our partners. To enable enterprises to improve efficiency of fleet and asset management by intelligent data collections together with system integration, Wincomm designed a flexible, wide-temp, outdoor, full IP, highly expansion with customization computing solutions for versatile needs. ..
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