Hsinchu, Taiwan – 4th Sep., 2019, Wincomm, a leading medical and industrial computer provider, launched medical grade touch panel pc series, WMP-155, equipped with Intel® Celeron® J3455 Processor (codename: Apollo Lake) and 15.6” HD or FHD LCD. Targeting on optimizing utilization on quad-core processing to fulfill extended efficient smart healthcare applications, Wincomm designed compact WMP-155 series with economic design to fulfill the entry growing demand in digital healthcare solutions.


Boost your medical device application with WMP-155 in an economic way

With the Internet of Things (IoT) being incorporated into almost anything, medical professionals pay more focus on how to make medical device more flexible, durable, and easier to use. And as the cost of healthcare continues to rise up, looking for devices that are rugged and can extend the life and minimize the maintenance costs is always what managers concern. All of above made Wincomm come up with WMP-155 which makes it much easier and cost effective to incorporate medical device. Equipped with Intel® Celeron® J3455 CPU and up to 8GB of DDR3L RAM, anti-bacteria (MRSA) housing with easy clean interface, P-cap touch, auto dimming and 15.6” HD to FHD LCD, this 15-inch all-in-one medical panel PC series saved space by either to be fixed on a wall or medical device setting.

Optional ISO–COM/LAN/USB to avoid expensive equipment damage


With optional WMP-155 isolated configuration, signal and voltage feedback loops are also eliminated, assuring no interference between the Panel PC and versatile medical equipment devices. Moreover, patient safety is not compromised due to high voltage issues as well.

Easy to Clean with User Friendly Hot-Key Design

The WMP-155 series equipped with hot key design, similarly to WMP series, and which is easy to clean and friendly design for healthcare professionals. It is ready to be used in versatile medical environments, and the front IP65-sealed rating with the tempered glass PCAP touch screen design protects it away from hospital cleaning fluids potential damage.

Various LAN/COM/USB I.O. with Expansion PCI-E Design


The WMP-155 series equipped with various I.O. ports, such as LAN x 2, COM x 2, USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2, and PCI-E expansion slot x 1, which are suitable to support any medical environment requirement in more compact design.  Featuring on booting with M.2 SSD and quad-core processors (passmark: 2122), it owns good Cost/Performance to fit in medical device control PC and makes it the best optimization e-healthcare choice.

More Options and Customization Capability

Wincomm WMP-155 series offered optional add-on parts to support more health care application, such as battery, WLAN/Bluetooth module with inner antenna, Auto focus 5M pixel camera and RFID solution. Furthermore, for the limited space building and ward applications, Wincomm also launches compact size 10-inch WMP-101 with Intel® Celeron® N2930 processor. Keeping the same design aesthetic as Wincomm WMP medical PC series, WMP-101 offers low power consumption and flexible setting up for light weight solutions.

Graphic: 10-inch Panel PC with Intel® Celeron® N2930 processor, WMP-101




   Intel® J3455 Medical Panel PC

   15.6" 1366x768 or 1920x1080 LCD w/P-Cap Touch

   Highest Medical EMC 4.0/ Safety 3.1 Certification Ready

   Auto Dimming by Light Sensor

   Anti-Bacteria (MRSA) Plastic Housing

   Friendly Design of Front Function Hot-Keys

   One M.2 E Key Support WLAN Solution

   Optional PCI-E x1 Riser Card

   Low Power Consumption Intel® N2930 Processor

   10.1” 1280X800 LCD w/P-Cap Touch

   CE/FCC/VCCI Class B and EMC 4.0 Passed

   Power Bottom for Easy Control

   Compact Size Ideally for Limited Space

CE, FCC, VCCI Class B and IEC 60601-1 / 60601-1-2 certification standards

The WMP series have granted medical certification standards, which has stricter electromagnetic waves standards. Our users have a higher protection level in their health and safety from the electromagnetic waves while using our products.


If you have any product or customization requirements, please contact Wincomm sales (mail: sales_support@wincomm.com.tw). For more product information, please visit the Wincomm website at https://www.wincomm.com.tw/


About Wincomm

Wincomm is one of Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of industrial computer and embedded computer products. Wincomm designs and develops all in one panel PC, large size all in one digital signage system, rugged box PC and embedded software products for a broad range of industries and applications. Wincomm aims to provide hardware and software integrated solutions for the most variant environments such as industrial automation/ human machine interface control, digital signage / infotainment Kiosk, and medical computing.

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