Smart Hygiene Control Solutions

Case Study: Providing Smart Hygiene Control in Food and Pharmaceutical Processing Plants
Maintaining high standards of hygiene has always been important in any facilities, such as food and pharmaceutical processing plants, that are involved in the manufacturing and/or processing of anything—food, drinks, or drugs—that will ultimately be ingested by human beings or injected or inserted into them.
Video:Wincomm Smart Hygiene Solutions - Stainless Steel Panel PC
Wincomm industrial-grade stainless steel panel PC series are built to suit for challenging environments, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure safety and top performance. All of the models in the stainless steel series are sealed to at least IP65 standards, and the Stainless Steel IP69K Panel PC, is sealed to IP69K offering the best solution for environments with hygienic considerations.
Successful Story: Wincomm IP69K Flat P-Cap Stainless Panel PC for Food Processing Industries
Designed as a machine controller or operator control PC for applications with high hygienic requirements such as the food and beverage or chemical processing industries, the IP69K WTP series is built to withstand extensive wash downs with corrosion resistance against cleaning agents.
Perfect Extreme Hygienic Control HMI PC for Food, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare Applications After Pandemic
Smart Hygiene Control Solutions, an Intel® Market Ready Solution certified solution, featuring at stainless steel housing avoid bacteria growth, capable to withstand daily high pressure wash-downs and full sealed waterproof, dustproof for easy cleaning versus long lasting ingress protection.
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