Hsinchu, Taiwan – 13th Nov, 2017, The 26th Annual Taiwan Excellence Award for 2018 has announced its winners list. Wincomm won for 2 of its products from a field of 1,209 product entries, namely the medical grade touch panel PC WMP-24C and the industrial auto control panel PC WLP-7F21-17. Wincomm has won Taiwan Excellence Awards continuously for 3 years (2016/2017/2018). In addition to showing the extraordinary strength of Wincomm’s R & D innovation ability, both improving quality assurance and shortening the time to market for customized designs will be the trend of the Industry 4.0 and the key to success for future technology.


The 23.8 inch fanless medical panel PC WMP-24C has passed Newest Medical UL/EN 60601-1 4th edition certification. WMP-24C comes with the Intel 6th generation CPU Skylake-S series Core i5-6500TE(35W) and has the highest performance for its panel size in the medical grade panel PC industry. (Wincomm actual test results passmark: 7421; versus industry passmark average of 6443). The USB slots have been upgraded to USB 3.1 gen 2 which, in comparison to USB3.0, can double the transfer speed up to 10Gbps. WMP-24C supports Intel vPro technology (By CPU) to effectively enhance the information security and remote management. It is intended to allow remote management, monitoring and maintenance, while maintaining strict information security measures. In addition, Wincomm medical grade panel PC series products are designed with a PCI-E expansion slot, distinguishing it from competitors’ products.

To meet the cleanliness standard of the medical environment, the WMP-24C is equipped with the WMP product technological advantages.  The design includes IPx1 for the whole system along with an IP65 rated full flat front seamless touch screen design with antibacterial housing that greatly prevents bacterial growth and reduces staph bacteria (MRSA) survival.  It is targeted for operating room applications which, along with its powerful graphics computing power, has a video output display port that can connect to two independent external medical monitors for ease of use. 

In addition, WMP-24C is equipped with 4KV Isolation COM / LAN / USB port, which is designed for integration with medical equipment while ensuring the safety of the operator. The internal battery supplies a 20-50 minute backup during power outages, a sufficient amount of time to safely secure the medical data storage.


17 inch Industrial Fanless High Performance Touch Panel PC: WLP-7F21-17

WLP-7F21-17 is an industrial fanless high performance touch panel PC for auto HMI application.  It uses the CPU Intel Skylake-S series Core i5-6500TE (35W; Benchmark: 7409). Its high performance allows the system to operate with more stability. The Intel 6th gen HD graphics chip operates faster than its predecessors and can easily handle graphical interfaces or 3D images without needing an additional graphics card. 

The performance level of the onboard graphics chip would be the same as to an entry-level independent graphics card. The Skylake CPU also supports Intel Vpro technology, which effectively enhances information security.

For Kiosk applications, WLP-7F21-17 has a customized mechanical design for easy user maintenance in different environments. The product has passed FCC, CE (EMC), VCCI Class B certification standards. Class B has stricter electromagnetic waves standards, which results in an upgrade from industrial usage to home usage. Our users have a higher protection level in their health and safety from the electromagnetic waves while using the product. That is WLP-7F21-17 different selling point in industrial panel PCs.

Wincomm has branches and offices in United States, Japan, and Europe, and dozens of channel partners. Currently the two winning products are already available on the market for sale. Please contact via email: sales_support@wincomm.com.tw , For more product information please visit the website https://www.wincomm.com.tw/



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