HMI for Vegetable & Fruit Factory Product Line


To ensure the quality of fruit products or fruit juice, clean fruit is very important, so the washing of fruit is essential. Currently fruit washer machine is mainly used in washing fruits or vegetables, it is an essential equipment on the fruit and vegetable juice processing line and also widely used in the processing of varied fruit products. To save the labor time, a well controller HMI is often required to support on this automated production line and thus a easy to clean with waterproof special design is a must to apply.

Pain Points 

To suit for vegetable and fruits washing machine requirement, there are several pain points to meet for a HMI in washing machine line, such as

    • 100% Water/dust proof guarantee to withstand strong water jet cleaning
    • Non-polluting environment and not corroded by water/solvent
    • 24/7 operation under wide temp. 
    • Easy clean & robust housing
    • Touch on/off for hygienic cleaning
    • Water proof speaker
    • Easy installation in limited space

Wincomm Solutions


With Wincomm’s focus on designing strong rugged industrial computers, IP rated water and dust proofing has been a mainstay in our philosophy, which is exemplified through the technology needed for the IP69K Flat P-Cap Stainless Panel PC series. Designed as a machine controller or operator control PC for applications with high hygienic requirements such as the food and beverage or chemical processing industries, the IP69K WTP series is built to withstand extensive wash downs with corrosion resistance against cleaning agents, especially against close-range high-pressure, high temperature wash downs. Featuring at,

    • Intel® Core™ or Celeron® Fanless Stainless Panel PC
    • Panel Size Range from 10”, 15”, 19”, 22”, to 24”
    • Multi-touch P-Cap or Single Touch Resistive Type
    • IP66/69K Full Sealed with Anti-Corrosion Enclosure 
    • Support Intel® vPro technology by CPU
    • Optional IP67 M12 Stainless Connectors
    • Optional Cable Gland for External I.O.
    • Special Inspection of 100% Waterproof Guarantee
    • CE, FCC, VCCI Class B Certified to Secure Operator’s Health
    • Screen Touch Lock Function for Easy Clean
    • Robust wireless antenna
    • Optional Water proof speaker, Vandal proof and other Customization Service

For more product information, please visit the Wincomm website at https://www.wincomm.com.tw/                      proimages/news/Successful_Stories/小標籤web_Download.jpg

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